Customized AI solutions for global beauty brands

TheSEA provides top-tier bespoke AI algorithms and LVMs (large vision models) tailored for the beauty industry, delivering world-best quality AI-powered commercial creatives. We specialize in crafting the ideal reality using AI.

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AI-powered Visual Production

Experience top-tier visual production services aligned with your existing workflow, showcasing AI's potential for your enterprise.

Tailored AI Algorithms

Our expert team swiftly designs and develops customized algorithms to meet your unique production needs efficiently.

Enterprise Software Customization

Streamline production scaling with seamless integration of internal enterprise software, ensuring enhanced data security and user data incorporation.

Bespoke LVM Development

Utilize our expertise to adapt exclusive best-in-class LVM (large vision model) architectures to your business and data, creating exclusive foundation models that align with your brand guidelines.

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Plans and Services

Choose from various plans and services that better fit your existing creative production workflow to enhance your localization efforts.

End-to-end AI-powered Visual Production

Responding to brand requests, we adeptly employ our current technology or develop novel algorithms tailored to their needs. With only 3-5 product images, brands can harness our technology to produce not just high-quality visuals, but also a rich variety of product images, all delivered at remarkable speed.

Customized Generative AI Software

We offer seamless system integration services to integrate TheSEA's generative AI tools into your workflow, ensuring transparent and flexible data usage. Our AI tools provide brands with ample control and explorative generation capabilities to create professional creatives.

Bespoke Enterprise Large Vision Models

We develop LVMs specialized for specific domains and enterprises, ensuring that the generated outputs are directly applicable in commercial promotion scenarios. These domain-specific LVMs are designed to address highly specific needs in commercial visual production by deepening their domain knowledge through bespoke model and data design.