Customized Generative AI Software

We seamlessly integrate TheSEA's generative AI tools into your workflow.

We offer seamless system integration services to integrate TheSEA's generative AI tools into your workflow, ensuring transparent and flexible data usage. Our AI tools provide brands with ample control and explorative generation capabilities to create professional creatives.

"Bubble Matters"

We believe that even the smallest detail in creativity holds significance in achieving the final, perfectly aesthetic visual presentation.

Control Product Presentation

Our specialized LVM for the beauty industry, trained on professional commercial data, empowers users to control image composition through a simple sketch. Instead of generating numerous visuals to find the ideal one, our technology allows users to effortlessly generate ideal visuals with minimal effort.

Produce Brand's Ideal Visions

Using moodboard references as input, our technology seamlessly integrates products into diverse environments while preserving brand identity.

Prompt for Minor Variations

By leveraging simple and concise text prompts, brands can make variations such as changing presented products, adding visual elements, and exploring numerous new ideas.