Company Updates
April 2, 2024

TheSEA Announces An Official Partnership with Tmall DIGITAL Lab, Alibaba

We are excited to announce an official partnership between TheSEA and Tmall DIGITAL Lab (天猫DIGITAL生态实验室), Alibaba. Together, we will leverage the power of Generative AI to empower beauty brands in achieving more efficient commercial creative production through customized AI solutions.

April 2, 2024

TheSEA has Been Selected for the "Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub" Startup Program

TheSEA has been selected to participate in the prestigious "Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub" program. This partnership promises to propel TheSEA's innovative efforts in AI-driven visual creation to new heights, providing invaluable resources and support for its mission to revolutionize the beauty industry.

April 2, 2024

Success at AI E-commerce Create@AI 创客松 Contest: TheSEA Receives Top Honors at Alibaba Headquarters

Our team is excited to announce our remarkable success at the AI E-commerce Create@AI 创客松 contest held at Alibaba’s Headquarters in Hangzhou from January 13th to January 15th. We were honored to receive the First Prize and the Most Commercially Valuable Award, recognizing our dedication to AI innovation and our commitment to advancing AIGC technology in branding visual generation and e-commerce.