About Us

Our company name, "TheSEA," is inspired by the concept of generative AI being akin to an ocean teeming with valuable resources, and we are the sailors charting the course to the maritime zone for creative commercials. We achieve this by developing specialized sailing techniques and building the necessary equipment to empower brands, enabling them to discover their visual treasures more easily along the "shoreline" (The domain where individuals lack profound familiarity with GenAI).

We are team of  AI researchers, scientists, engineers, business professionals and professional creators passionate for making a world full of aesthetic visuals using AI.

Our core value is encapsulated in the phrase, "Bubble Matters." We believe that even the smallest detail in creativity holds significance in achieving the final, perfectly aesthetic visual presentation.


Tokyo, Japan



Yanjin Li

Co-founder / CEO

Fashion Model at Bottega Veneta
Ph.D. Candidate at UTokyo
Senior Data Scientist
Columbia University
University of Washington

Linchuan Xu

Co-founder / CTO

Ph.D. in Computer Science
Project Researcher at UTokyo
Research Assistant Professor at HKPolyU
30 Research Papers in 5 Years

Yoshihiro Onchi

Co-founder / CMO

Serial Entrepreneur
PR for Chanel, L'Oreal (agency)
Farfetch / TheRealreal
Multi-brands D2C CEO
34-fold revenue increase

Qi Tian

Founding Engineer

Carnegie Mellon Universicy
Senior SWE at Apple
Former SWE at Google
Largesale System and Infrastructure